Senior Staff & Coaches

Area Coordinator - Central

Hagit Fieldman(nee Marziano) is one of our most experienced coaches.  She was a ranked junior from the Israel Tennis Centre in Ashkelon, and after she married, she lived in Glasgow.Several years ago, she returned to Israel with her family. Hagit is passionate about coaching tennis to the Arab sector, where she sees great hope for the future of the sport. She coaches in Jisr el Zarka and is coordinator of the Foundation's projects in the central region. 

Area Coordinator - North

Merav Hagai Dueck, another hugely experienced coach who runs her own tennis clubs.  Like Hagit, she is keen to be part of the Freddie Krivine Foundation philosophy of introducing tennis to young Arab kids, and through tennis to introduce young Jewish and Arab players to each other. She is the senior coach at Daliat HaCarmel and coordinator of the Foundation's projects in the north.  

Senior Coach

One of nine children, Mohamad Rashwan is from Jisr el Zarka.  He started playing tennis in 2000 at the age of 8 at Freddie's first Arab-Jewish coexistence programme.  He earned his professional coaching certificate from the national sports institute at Wingate and is a member of the Jisr el Zarka Beach Tennis Team.  

The professional coaching team: 

Yara Abed

Moussa Ali 

Majd Bassisi

Maha Dole

Sagit  Doron

Yousef Halili

Aya Jorban

Baraa Ka'aabiye

Loubna Khoury 

Ayat Shahav

Erez Shenkar





















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